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The Value of Streamlining Drug Testing Compliance in Workplace Safety

To guarantee employee eligibility and workplace safety, every company must comply with drug testing standards. If a work environment is free from the influence of substance abuse among the employees and employers, both parties and the company can benefit a lot. When you are running a company where you want to make sure that there is drug compliance among employees, you can tap on the services of companies that specialize in this area. This company is present to provide you with services to help streamline the entire drug testing process and ensuring compliance.

No matter where you live, you need to understand that drug use has gone up. A lot of people abuse drugs or alcohol for many reasons. Emotional stress is often the leading cause of people seeking help for their drug and alcohol abuse problem. According to studies, the more people seek help and treatment for their alcohol and drug problems, the more drugs and alcohol are consumed.

Some people who have these substance abuse issues often find it hard to find a job that pays them well. Moreover, there is also an increasing trend of drug use present in any work environment. Presently, more or less 75% of illicit drug users from age 18 and older are employed. From the US alone, and average of 42,000 Americans report for work stoned or get high while doing their jobs on a daily basis. Even national caller surveys prove that 75% of individuals used drugs while at work. There is no doubt that testing employees between the 18 and 40 age range for drugs or alcohol at any given day will result to as many as 25% being positive.

Employees and employers know that drug use at work can create serious issues. At the same time, drug use can negatively affect a range of work-related activities, job performance, and workplace safety. All companies big or small are required to institute drug testing on their employees. Going through the testing process for drug abuse and use is part of the employment eligibility process. Additionally, employees get tested for drugs too when they return for work, post-accident, and post-rehabilitation. Of course, there is also random drug testing required for companies on their employees. Two of the most common substances that employees abuse are marijuana and cocaine. Other employees also tested positive for opiates, amphetamines, heroin, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and so on.

All employees and employers want nothing more but a safe working environment. Substance abuse is a contributor of unsafe work environments. One in six job fatalities at work is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Employees who are often injured are the non-drug abusing ones.

These are some of the reasons why drug testing compliance is vital across the workplace. Implementation of drug testing in the workplace has shown to significantly decrease the number of workplace accident rates. As a company owner, tapping into the services of professionals that help streamline drug testing compliance can be of great help.

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