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Guide to Hiring a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

If you or your loved one is struggling with a condition that requires seeing a cognitive behavioral therapist regularly, knowing the right professional to work with can be a bit daunting. Yes, you want to work with the best to ensure the treatment is a success, meaning you cannot just anyone you come across claiming to be a professional therapist. There are a few important things you are supposed to know if you are wondering how to find the therapist for such a condition. Deciding to see one is an important personal decision, but he is following tips can point you in the direction of the right one.

There is a body that governs the standards, ethics, and conduct of cognitive behavioral therapists through supervision among other things. Make sure the therapist you are looking at has a valid accreditation from this body because they are required to adhere to these standards to maintain the accreditation. This is how you can find a therapist with a good foundation in therapy, and continue to attend ongoing trainings and supervision. Making sure that your potential cognitive behavioral therapist is accredited helps in ensuring you are hiring a legitimate trained professional.

Online research can uncover some of the important pieces of information you should have before hiring a cognitive behavioral therapist. With most of these therapists have websites and social media platforms; check them out to get an idea of whom you will be dealing with before going for the first session. You can also determine the reputation and track record of the therapist based on the reviews and testimonials you will find online. Make sure to check reviews from their current and previews patients to get an idea of the type and quality of services to expect when you are undergoing treatment.

Check the background and experience of the therapist to know how they came into the field. It is always a good idea to hire someone who has a good history of working in the field of mental health, and the number of years they have been helping patients. Nobody wants to trust the mental health of their loved ones to a newbie with very little or no experience in dealing with such issues, even if they have been trained in reputable schools. Working with an experience in CBT with at least five years of experience will put your mind at rest because they have dealt with a similar condition to yours before.

Ask for personal recommendations from a few people you know trust can be very assuring during this process. Cognitive behavioral treatment is usually kept a secret by most patients, but that does not mean you shouldn’t ask. There are a few people who have been through therapy who may be willing to talk about it, even recommend the therapist who helped them. Use this personal recommendation based on experience to find a suitable one for you or your loved one. Finally, consider the cost of hiring the therapist’s services; remember, CBT is an investment, but you should have a realistic budget before commencing your search. Consider these factors when hiring a cognitive behavioral therapist.

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